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Monday, February 21, 2011

De Tru Enami


we're our own worst enemy.

And sometimes we rise to the occasion.

Everything went really well.

Even though we know

That tomorrow morning,
most of us will go back to being

The same person as today

The only differents 
between today and tommorow 

Is "self-improvements".

zalizalu,20 februari 2011


What's up everyone?
I dont know why im write this post in English..
But starting from today, 
i'll reform (reformasi?) this blog 
from full Malay language 
to Malay-English-Malay..
Arabic? Insyaallah :)

If there is/are any mistake/mistakes, 
please let me know 
by leave some comment to this post

Please enjoy "refreshment"


Mohamadazhan hjDesa said...


Ahlan wasahlan bro :)

zalizalu said...

kadang2, kita asyik mencari kesalahan orang lain.. sampai terlupa, sebenarnya yang salah itu adalah diri sendiri...

sebab itulah diri kita adalah musuh utama kita...